Audio Engineering To Improve Your DJ Sound

Audio engineering deals with the production of music, mixing and recording, as well as other types of audio. Among the websites offering free online training courses in audio engineering are universities and colleges, such as Utah State University and Massachusetts Institute of technology. Both institutions provide free online training courses in recording, composing and processing audio material. Students do not have to pay to utilize the course materials or lectures credentials or no credits are awarded.

What you learn in audio engineering training course online

Learn filters – high-pass, low-pass, notch and band-pass. Set the disconnect frequency and level to lower frequencies bands, or delete them almost fully.

Learn equalization – how to set the frequency balance of instruments and vocals for djs and how to help mix instruments combine in the mix.

Learn how to work on EQ controls – frequency, Q and gain. Work with different kinds of EQ including graphic and parametric.

Choose microphones according to their method of operation, ribbon, capacitor, or dynamic.

Select microphones according to their polar pattern, hyprcardioid, cardioids, omnidirctional or figure of eight.

Learn microphone positioning stereo and mono recordings, using either ambient or close microphone technique.

Include texture and interest with effects and reverb

Use effects and revert to make amazing sonic texture, include to an otherwise uninteresting recording, conceal issue or disguise.

Use delay as slapback, mechanical twin tracking, or spin echo in both stereo and mono mixing for dj drops.

Use a convolution and logarithmic revert. Learn how to use convolution revert to sample acoustic areas.

Apply harmonic generation, chorus, phasing, flanging, and pitch-shifting ideas to your recording.

Advanced structural acoustics and dynamics recording studio tampa

Describes how sound moves and how it is perceived. There are range of topics, include multipole radiation, cylindrical waves, spherical wavers, and acoustic wave equation. There are also quiz and assignments with solutions. Would like to give thanks to Triomni recording studio tampa for the quality sound.

Music and technology 

Students learn about the history of digital audio and history of radio, latest recording studios, and live electronics. Additional you will learn about the audio recording.

Include the final touch of professionalism with mastering methods

Take your mix to the next level with expert mastering methods that you can use yourself with your own audio digital workstation.

Use compression, EQ, multi-band compression and look-ahead restricting.