How long can sod sit before installing

So you are thinking of bettering the look of your house with sod. If you are, you might be surprise. How does it get for sod to change into the root? Sod seems like a quick solution for a wonderful lawn. You get a fresh lawn without having to stay for seeds to develop, but it still need some time for sod to get into root. There are 2 levels of rooting that take places after you lay sod:

  • The creation of shallow roots
  • The creation of deep roots

With the correct balance of air, sun, and water, your sold will take root in two to six weeks. Right soil preparation makes the process simpler. We recommend that you try top Sod Tallahassee Florida has to offer.

Shallow roots

With the best groundwork, your sod can begin to have petty roots in about 2 weeks. They most important thing to getting these petty roots to begin is watering your fresh grass after the sod is located. The primary week laying sod, you should be watering the sod regularly to keep roots growing. This primary stage of root growth is extremely sensitive for the sod, and you should reject walking on the sod or mowing your new lawn. Actually, all weight should be reserved off the sod during this period.

Deep roots

In order to attract deep root development, you should gradually begin watering the sod less. After the primary week, you should prevent watering the sod regularly. Irrigating the sod with high quantity of water, but not every day will attract the sod to send out deeper roots. These roots have to get deeper to find moisture. If you go after this watering procedure, you will get complete root growth in approximately thirty five to forty five days.

How long can sod sit before installing

If you need best root development from your sod, you have to get ready your soil before you lay the sod. The largely of grass species like a little acidic soil that is fine drained. Earlier than sod lying, till in any required add-ons to your soil such as:

  • Lime
  • Compost
  • Sulfur

This will provide your sod a lush location to expand roots. Once your yard is titled, sod contours to the ground, so ensure there are not any low places where water can build up. These ground works will make sure that your sod can start to take root within 2 weeks.